Script Library

Sample scripts are provided as-is with no warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. These scripts are solely intended to demonstrate techniques for accomplishing common tasks. Additional script logic and error-handling may need to be added to achieve the desired results in your specific environment.

ScriptDescriptionLast Updated
encrypt_multiple_files.s Use PGP to encrypt all files in a directory 2020-08-17
send_transaction_log.s Send SQL Server transaction log backups to remote log shipping server 2020-08-17
download_and_decrypt_all.s Download PGP encrypted files from a remote FTP server and decrypt each file 2020-08-17
gzip.s Use the EXEC command to call gzip to extract a .gz archive 2020-08-17
email_html.s Send an HTML email with embedded images 2020-08-17
upload_a_directory.s Uploads the entire contents of a directory to the server 2020-08-17
convert_to_zip.s Convert a directory of files into zip archives 2020-08-17
decrypt_and_rename.s PGP decrypt a file but keep the encrypted filename instead of using the original filename 2020-08-17
serve_decrypted_file.s Use a Server Event Script to decrypt a file when a client requests a download 2019-06-27
parse_html_directory.s Parse an HTML directory listing and download all files 2019-06-14
last_day_of_previous_month.s Name a directory based on the last day of the previous month 2019-06-12
queue_cron.s Avoid scheduling conflicts by using CRON and EXEC to launch multiple instances of Robo-FTP 2019-01-22
email_custom_error_messages.s Generate custom error messages and send notification emails 2018-06-27
email_on_upload.s Send email notice when files are uploaded to Robo-FTP Server 2018-02-27
download_complete_files.s Avoid downloading files that are still being updated on the server 2013-11-18
ebmx.s Communicate with the Chrysler EBMX HTTP/S interface 2013-01-29
upload_matching_files.s Upload a set of files that have part of the file name in common 2012-09-12
zip_and_upload.s If new files exist in a local directory, zip and upload 2012-08-22
rename_restore_db.s Offsite Log Shipping automation with a Robo-FTP Server event script 2012-08-22
doscmd_with_spaces.s How to run a DOS command with spaces 2012-07-23

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