Script Library

Sample scripts are provided as-is with no warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. These scripts are solely intended to demonstrate techniques for accomplishing common tasks. Additional script logic and error-handling may need to be added to achieve the desired results in your specific environment.

ScriptDescriptionLast Updated
monitor_remote_continuous.s Continuously monitor a remote folder for files to download 2021-01-08
archive_rename.s Get all files from a local directory, send files to FTP server, rename with current date on local machine, and then place in a seperate direcory on local machine. 2020-08-24
Receive_and_Decrypt.s Download and decrypt a file from an FTP server with error handling. 2020-08-24
e-mail_daily_log.s Perform tasks, create time-stamped log, and e-mail log every day 2020-08-24
Display_file_name.s Send all files from a local directory to an FTP site using a loop with GETFILE for greater control 2020-08-24
cron_for_pause.s Use CRON to pause script execution with more fine-grained control than the PAUSE command offers 2020-08-24
resume_download Re-try broken downloads with resume feature 2020-08-24
lockfile.s Use a lockfile to limit access to a file or process 2020-08-24
update_rss_feed.s Update an RSS feed 2020-08-24
no_partial_downloads.s How to avoid partially downloaded files when working with an unreliable connection 2020-08-24
download_new_files.s Download only files that are new or changed since the last time you checked. 2020-08-21
limit_retries.s Avoid an infinite loop when your script encounters an unrecoverable error 2020-08-21
send_text_message.s Send text messages (SMS) from Robo-FTP 2020-08-21
hot_send.s Monitor a local folder or network share and upload files as soon as they appear 2020-08-21
move_remote_files.s Move files on remote FTP server from one directory to another 2020-08-21
ftp_monitor.s Monitor an FTP site for changes 2020-08-21
rename_with_date.s Download and rename multiple files by inserting the current date into the filename 2020-08-21
date_in_filename.s Download files with a date in the filename. 2020-08-21
MoveUpload_PreservePath.s Robo-FTP Server event script to move uploaded files while preserving the relative folder path 2020-08-21
Send_Multiple_Types.s Use a single script to upload multiple file types 2020-08-21

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