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Sample scripts are provided as-is with no warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. These scripts are solely intended to demonstrate techniques for accomplishing common tasks. Additional script logic and error-handling may need to be added to achieve the desired results in your specific environment.



Robo-FTP supports sending emails via SMTP using the CREATEMAIL and SENDMAIL script commands. However, it is also possible to send notifications via SMS, also known as text messaging.

This sample script takes advantage of the fact that all the major cellular carriers provide an email-to-SMS gateway which you may use for free. You simply send an email using this format:


########## represents the cell phone number you want to notify and carrier_gateway_domain represents the URL for the email-to-SMS gateway supplied by the cell carrier.

Here is a list of carriers and their gateways:

Boost Mobile
Rogers Canada
Sprint Nextel
Sprint PCS
Verizon Wireless
Virgin Mobile USA

For example, to send a text message to a T-Mobile subscriber with a phone number of 555-555-5555, you simply need to send an email to [email protected].

  1  * subject line will be ignored by most carriers
  2  SET subj = "My Subject"
  3  * Message should be 160 characters or less
  4  SET body = "My message."
  5  SET to_email = "5555555555 <>"
  6  EMAIL body /subject=subj /to=to_email

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