Script Library

Sample scripts are provided as-is with no warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. These scripts are solely intended to demonstrate techniques for accomplishing common tasks. Additional script logic and error-handling may need to be added to achieve the desired results in your specific environment.

ScriptDescriptionLast Updated
tree_to_flat.s Download remote folder tree to a flat local folder with FTPDIFF and a user-defined function. 2020-08-21
trigger_file.s Monitor a local directory for the appearance of a trigger file before performing upload 2020-08-21
wildcard_rename.s Scripting with wildcards 2020-08-21
server_uptime.s Send email if unable to connect to FTP site 2020-08-21
commercehub.s Download and PGP decrypt order files from CommerceHub 2020-08-21
delete_old_files_event.s Robo-FTP Server event script to remove all files over 30 days old 2020-08-21
download_recently_modified.s Download recent files 2020-08-19
gxs_upload.s Upload a file to a GXS server 2020-08-19
vms-no-version.s Download from VMS server without file version numbers 2020-08-19
unzip_uploaded_file.s Automatically unzip files uploaded to Robo-FTP Server 2020-08-19
decrypt_uploaded_files.s Automatically decrypt PGP files uploaded to Robo-FTP Server 2020-08-19
oldest_to_newest.s Process all the files in a folder in date order (oldest to newest) 2020-08-19
download_newest.s Download only the newest file and then quit. 2020-08-19
download_and_archive.s Download files and move them to an archive folder on the remote site 2020-08-19
download_current_date.s Download only files with today's date 2020-08-19
monitor_restart_www.s Monitor local website and restart IIS if needed 2020-08-19
forward_uploaded_files.s Robo-FTP Server Event Script forwards files uploaded to Robo-FTP Server to a remote FTP server 2020-08-19
Encrypt_and_Upload.s Encrypt and upload a file to an FTP server with error handling. 2020-08-17
jpmc_download_upload.s Communicate securely with JPMorgan Chase 2020-08-17
delete_old_files.s Scan a directory and delete all files older than 30 days. 2020-08-17

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