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Unable to Activate or Remove license while multiple instances are running

License activation or removal must not be performed while multiple instances of Robo-FTP are running


If you do not see active windows for other instances you can find them by opening the Task Manager to the "Processes" tab, selecting the box for "Show processes from all users", then sorting by the "Image Name" column. Scroll down to where RoboFTP.exe is running and examine the value of the User Name column.

If the user is Local System or a known service account then you may be looking at an instance running as a Windows Service. Use the Robo-FTP Service Installer or the Windows services.msc program to the stop the service. If it is a regular user account, contact the user and ask them to close Robo-FTP. External processes like the Windows Task Scheduler are often used to start instances of Robo-FTP so the actual user may not be personally available so you may need to use the End Process button to continue with license activation or removal.

Robo-FTP Server

Open the Server Console to the Administration menu and stop Robo-FTP Server running as a Windows service.

Robo-FTP Server 3.3.x and Earlier

If you are still unable to activate or remove the license, open the Task Manager to the "Processes" tab, select the box for "Show processes from all users", then sort by the "Image Name" column. Scroll to check if one or more instances of RoboDaemonFTP.exe are running. These processes handle the Sever Event Scripts so they should terminate on their own in short order. If not, you can use the End Process button to continue with license activation or removal. If you choose to end a script processor then it is likely that your event script logic did not complete or it an infinite loop. This is a secondary issue that should be addressed after you complete the license operation.

As of Robo-FTP Server 3.4, running RoboDaemonFTP.exe processes should not prevent you from activating the license.

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Article last updated: 2017-08-14

Tags: Robo-FTP, Robo-FTP-Server, license, instances

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