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Problem: Robo-FTP Server stopped launching Server Event Scripts


Server event scripts were working fine but they stopped. When the server is rebooted they work for a while but eventually stop again.

Possible cause:

If the event script never terminates, multiple copies of the script processing engine may end up orphaned in system memory. Robo-FTP Server will eventually be unable to start another instance of the script processing engine.

Open the Task Manager to the "Processes" tab, select the box for "show processes from all users", then sort by the "Image Name" column. Scroll to see if multiple copies of RoboDaemonFTP.exe are running. If so, watch them for a few minutes. Are new ones appearing and old ones disappearing? If you are not sure, click View -> Select Columns -> PID (Process Identifier) to show unique process IDs. There is a problem with your event script if it you have a static set of these RoboDaemonFTP.exe processes.


First use the Task Manager to kill all the stuck instances of RoboDaemonFTP.exe then examine your event script to see why it is getting stuck. Look for things like potential infinite loops, places where STOP is used instead of EXIT, and excessive suspensions of execution with the PAUSE or CRON command. If you can't find anything obvious, modify the script so that the LOG and TRACELOG commands are the first ones called. The log files created by these commands will show you exactly what happens when the event script is processed.

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Article last updated: 2017-08-30

Tags: Robo-FTP Server, Server Event Scripts

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