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Can Robo-FTP use a SSH key file in PuTTY .ppk format?

As of version 3.9 and later, the Robo-FTP Configurator is able to import SSH keys stored in .ppk format.

If you are using an older version of Robo-FTP you can use PuTTYgen (a third-party tool) to convert files containing private SSH keys from .ppk format into the OpenSSH format used by Robo-FTP.

The following steps were verified to work in PuTTYgen version 2011-05-25:r9169

  1. Click the menu item FileLoad private key then select your current .ppk file

  2. Click the menu item ConversionsExport OpenSSH key then give the output key file a new name

PuTTYgen is open source software.

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Article last updated: 2021-01-21

Tags: Robo-FTP, SFTP, SSH key, PPK