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How can I send a copy of Robo-FTP Server's public SSH key to my SFTP users?

Whenever an SFTP client connects to your Robo-FTP Server, the server will automatically send a copy of its public SSH key to the client. Most SFTP clients (including Robo-FTP client) will prompt the user to accept this key and offer a method to store it for future sessions so prompting is no longer required.

If you need a file containing Robo-FTP Server's public SSH key you can use a third-party program like PuTTYgen to extract the public key from the server's private RSA and/or DSA files. The full path to these files is specified in the Robo-FTP Server Console program under the SFTP Server menu on the Server Keys tab.

Warning: Be careful not to send a file containing your private SSH key to anyone outside of your organization

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Article last updated: 2020-08-20

Tags: Robo-FTP Server, SFTP, SSH, Public Key Authentication, OpenSSH

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