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How can I send a copy of Robo-FTP Server's public SSH key to my SFTP users?

Whenever an SFTP client connects to your Robo-FTP Server, the server will automatically send a copy of its public SSH key to the client. Most SFTP clients (including Robo-FTP client) will prompt the user to accept this key and offer a method to store it for future sessions so prompting is no longer required.

If you need a file containing Robo-FTP Server's public SSH key you can use a third-party program like PuTTYgen to extract the public key from the server's private RSA and/or DSA files. The full path to these files is specified in the Robo-FTP Server Console program under the SFTP Server menu on the Server Keys tab.

Warning: Be careful not to send a file containing your private SSH key to anyone outside of your organization.

As of Robo-FTP Server 3.4.1 you can retrieve the server key information by pressing the KeyInfo button in the Server Keys tab in the SFTP Server section of the Server Console. See the Help file for details.

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Article last updated: 2021-11-23

Tags: Robo-FTP Server, SFTP, SSH, Public Key Authentication, OpenSSH