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I used the Configurator to create a 2048 bit key, but my bank says the key I sent them is only 1024 bit.

A PGP key includes several components. Two of these components are the signing key and the encryption key.

Version 3.7.0 through 3.9.7

When you choose the option to generate a 2048-bit key in the Robo-FTP Configurator, it generates a key which includes a 2048-bit encryption key and 1024-bit signing key.

Some software packages see the 1024-bit signing key and identify the key as a 1024-bit key, even though the encryption key is 2048-bit.

The simplest solution is to choose the option to generate a 4096 bit key with the Robo-FTP Configurator, which will generate a key with a 4096-bit encryption key and a 2048-bit signing key.

Note: PGP key creation defaults may vary for versions older than 3.7.0.

Version 3.9.8 and later

Beginning with version 3.9.8 both the signing and encrypting keys are the same size with the notable exception that DSA does not support signing keys over 2048 bits.

Article last updated: 2016-12-16

Tags: PGP, Encryption, keys

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