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How can I distribute Robo-FTP to multiple PCs without running the installer?

The easiest way to install Robo-FTP is to simply run the installer executable distributed on our web site and on CD. However, there are cases where it is not convenient to install it this way.

For example, you might want to distribute Robo-FTP as part of another installer package. This is typical of customers who are bundling Robo-FTP to re-sell with software of their own.

It is possible to install Robo-FTP simply by copying the necessary files to the target machine.

NOTE: This applies to v3.5.0. The procedure may vary for earlier or later versions.

Assuming you have installed Robo-FTP at least once (to your development machine, for example), the files you need can all be found in the installation directory -- C:\Program Files\Robo-FTP by default.

The following files must be copied:

All other files are optional. You may need to copy some additional files depending on what specific functionality you need.

For example, here are some common files that you might also need:

When copied this way, Robo-FTP will run for 30 days on any machine in eval mode. This makes it easy for you to distribute evaluation copies of your package that include Robo-FTP.

You will need to purchase a license and activate the software for each machine the same as if you had installed the software with the standard installer.

Robo-FTP provides a command-line interface for just about every feature, making it possible to install, configure, and launch Robo-FTP without any user interaction.

For example, it is possible to create default configurations on your development machine that you can deploy to additional machines. See the Help file for more details regarding exporting and importing configuration information.

Article last updated: 2008-02-04

Tags: Installation, OEM

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