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I'm trying to send a "site" command like this: FTPCMD "QUOTE SITE REC=FB LR=80 BLK=0" but it fails. What's wrong?

Remove QUOTE from your Robo-FTP script.

QUOTE is not a valid FTP protocol command that a client can legally send to an FTP server. It is actually a software command in the command line FTP client program.

When the Windows command line FTP client runs its local QUOTE command, it actually sends the value after the word "quote" to the server, so that portion must be a valid raw FTP protocol command. You can use the FTPCMD command in Robo-FTP to do the same. In this specific case, the proper Robo-FTP syntax is:


If you have instructions that say to use QUOTE SITE XYZ you can send the equivalent FTP protocol commands to the server by using FTPCMD "SITE XYZ" in Robo-FTP instead.

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Article last updated: 2022-01-05