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None of my users can connect to my server. I have verified that the server is on and accepting connections.

The first thing to check is if Robo-FTP can receive connections locally. On the machine running Robo-FTP Server, open up an FTP client, and try to connect to the server at (the local machine). If you can connect this way, then Robo-FTP is working and accepting connections. Now we need to determine why Robo-FTP is not receiving any attempted connections.

Next, make sure that your customers are reaching the correct IP address. This is particularly important if you have a dynamic IP address. You need to check for two changing dynamic addresses: the local address assigned to your computer by your router, and the Internet address assigned to your local network by your Internet provider.

If those connections are accurate, then check your router and firewall rules to make sure the connection isn't being blocked. When looking at these rules, be on the lookout for multiple rules assigned to the same port; it is possible to have an improperly configured rule interfering with another properly configured rule.

Article last updated: 2016-09-16

Tags: Robo-FTP Server

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