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Please describe the Robo-FTP authorization process (Robo-FTP 1.50.xx only)

This description is obsolete; it applied to v1.50.x.

For newer versions of Robo-FTP, please see the Help file for instructions on activating your version of the software.

There are three elements associated with a Robo-FTP license.

Serial Number -- This first element is a 12-digit numeric value provided at the time of purchase (usually by e-mail). If you purchased Robo-FTP from our alternate e-commerce site, Share*It!, then we suggest that you contact Sales to request a serial number.

Site Code -- The second element is a 16-character alpha-numeric string locally generated by Robo-FTP on your PC once it has been installed. This value is unique for each PC and for each time Robo-FTP is installed. Look under Robo-FTP's Help menu for menu items where you can display this Site Code.

Site Key -- The final element is a 24-character alpha-numeric string generated by Serengeti Systems Incorporated (based on your serial number and Site Code) and returned to you via on our web site (if you elect to activate Robo-FTP yourself), or by e-mail or fax if you request activation using either of these two methods.

In a nutshell, to activate your Robo-FTP license, you need to provide both your serial number and Site Code (either via, the web form or fax/e-mail); in turn, you will receive a Site Key. Enter this information within the correct screen within Robo-FTP and click Activate. Your Robo-FTP license is now fully authorized.

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Article last updated: 2017-08-09

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