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Robo-FTP's license activation suddenly disappeared from my PC. What happened?

License information used by Robo-FTP is saved in various places on your PC's hard drive and in the Windows registry. We call these "breadcrumbs". For security reasons, we do not reveal the exact locations. When Robo-FTP suddenly comes up unauthorized, it is usually because some action has taken place on your PC that has deleted or moved the license breadcrumbs. Such actions might be reinstallation of Windows, restoring a ghosted disk image, or the running of a disk or registry "cleaning" utility.

On versions prior to v2.1, Robo-FTP's licensing also depends on a file named "license.ini" that is located in the Robo-FTP program files folder. If this file is deleted or tampered with, Robo-FTP's licensing will also be adversely affected.

If you perform any regular or semi-regular maintenance on the hard drive(s) where Robo-FTP is installed that you suspect might be causing failures with your Robo-FTP license, we strongly recommend that you remove the Robo-FTP license first, perform the action, and then reactivate Robo-FTP. Beginning with Robo-FTP v2.0, removing and then restoring license activation can be accomplished with just a few mouse clicks.

Article last updated: 2019-05-23

Tags: activation, Robo-FTP, Installation

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