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My trading partner sent me a PGP public key created with a package from Cryptic Software. I cannot seem to encrypt a file correctly -- the resulting encrypted file is empty. What gives?

The public key from Cryptic Software as you have it is incompatible with Robo-FTP. When this key is used in encryption, an "unusable public key" error is generated. This particular key was not created with a subkey. The GnuPG package which is used by Robo-FTP (v3.5.0 and previous only) requires the subkey be present when doing encryption, so encryption fails. Therefore, a public key needs to be created with a subkey in order to work with Robo-FTP. Check with your trading partner to see if a suitable public key can be produced for you.

Robo-FTP 3.6 and later no longer use GnuPG and should not see this error.

Article last updated: 2016-12-07

Tags: PGP, PGP Key, Robo-FTP

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