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I am unable to see the files in the FTP site directory and I know there are several files there. GETSITEFILE also refuses to return any file names. I can see the files with the Windows command line FTP client when I type "dir .". What am I doing wrong?

This discussion applies only to Robo-FTP v2.1 and later.

There are two things you can do remedy this situation.

  1. Add the /listtype=1 option to the FTPLOGON command. Please note that newer versions of Robo-FTP support additional types of directory listings. Please see the Help file article for the FTPLOGON command to see the types of listings available for your version of Robo-FTP.

  2. Manually create (or edit) a site setting in the Windows registry for the site in question.

The first option is easy and the recommended way to accomplish this. Setting this option instructs Robo-FTP to issue "LIST ." commands rather than simply "LIST" to request directory listings from the server.

If you need to connect to this site using the FTP client applet or if you wish to establish this site as the default site (i.e., specify the FTPLOGON command with no arguments) then you must use the Windows registry editor to set a value.


The registry value that needs to be created or changed is "ListType". This value (if it exists) is 0 by default. To enable Robo-FTP to see files on the FTP site, create the value (if necessary) and set the value to 1. Follow the instructions below to set this value:

  1. Find the Robo-FTP settings in the registry in either HKEY_CURRENT_USER (look here first) or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE under "SOFTWARE\Robo-FTP\FTP\FTPServers".

  2. Find the site in question by expanding each of these locations one by one looking for a matching "ServerName".

  3. When you find the desired "ServerName", determine if the "ListType" value exists or not.

  4. If the value exists, double click on it to change its value to 1.

  5. If the value doesn't exist, right click to add a new REG_DWORD value, and set it to 1.

Article last updated: 2017-08-07

Tags: Robo-FTP, Registry

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