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CRON tasks which are scheduled for the beginning of next month are getting pushed back to the following month.

There was a bug in version 3.0.2 and earlier in which some CRON tasks were disrupted by the date roll-over at the end of the month. This mainly effected months with 31 days.

This was corrected in version 3.0.3.

If you are using an older version, the best work-around is to restart Robo-FTP; do this just after midnight on the 1st. Everyime Robo-FTP is restarted, and Cron is launched, the cron scheduling is recalculated, and every task is scheduled for the next valid time slot.

Robo-FTP 3.10 and later includes a new scheduler that we recommend using (the older CRON scheduler is still supported, but may be deprecated at some point). You can access the new scheduler from the Configurator.

Article last updated: 2019-10-11

Tags: crontab.txt, CRON, scheduling, Robo-FTP

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