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How do I control the messages that appear in my script log?

There are several special characters that can be placed at the beginning of the line.

A ";" or "*" at the beginning of a line will cause Robo-FTP to disregard the entire line as a "comment."

A "!" will cause Robo-FTP to log only the result of the command, and not the command itself.

A "@" will prevent Robo-FTP from logging either the command or the command's result.

If you have used these characters at several points in your script, and wish to temporarily disable them, you can add the /all option to the LOG command. This causes Robo-FTP to log every line, regardless of the presence of a "!" or "@"

This article applies to Robo-FTP 3.10.6. This functionality may vary slightly from one version to another. Please see the Help file that is installed with your version of Robo-FTP for details.

Article last updated: 2021-03-15

Tags: Robo-FTP, Log Files