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After upgrading to the recent version of Robo-FTP, I can no longer log into my site. This always worked in the older version.

For some users, this is caused by additional error checking we added to close up certain bugs (such as being able to log in, but then not able to change directory or see files).

In these cases, the site being logged into typically has a non-standard log-in procedure or does not support certain FTP protocol commands.

In version Robo-FTP 3.2 and later, add the /allowerrors command to force Robo-FTP to continue logging in (if possible) even if an error is encountered.

Please note that using /allowerrors to force a connection can result in an incomplete connection, such as a case where the user can log in, but cannot change directory or view files.

If your FTPLOGON command uses a Managed Site record from the Configurator, you may need to import settings from your previous version of Robo-FTP into the current version.

Article last updated: 2021-12-13