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I used the Service Installer to create a Robo-FTP Service. The service was created successfully, and I can see Robo-FTP.exe in the task manager, but nothing is happening. It is not creating log files.

There are a few causes of this error.

If you are running Robo-FTP with an evaluation license, then there may be a dialog you need to respond to. Launch Robo-FTP from the Start Menu and check for a dialog with a warning about the number of days left on your evaluation license. Set this dialog not to ask you again, and this should resolve the issue. You will still need to activate a license within the 30 day evaluation period.

If your evaluation period has recently expired, then there will be a dialog advising you of this. This can cause a previously installed service not to run after rebooting the computer. You will need to renew your license or request an evaluation extension in order to run Robo-FTP as a service.

If the service is running a script stored on a network share, and recording the log to the same network share, then there may be access issues with that share. Try copying the script to a local directory and setting the logging to a local file as a test. If the service then runs, then this indicates that the problem lies with access to the network share. For example, the built-in Local System account does not have permission to access network resources so Robo-FTP services that access network resources should be configured to run using a different account.

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Article last updated: 2021-01-04

Tags: activation, Robo-FTP, Services, Service Installer, EVAL

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