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I am getting a "socket error" when sending email via the SENDMAIL command.

This is usually a firewall related error. First check to see if your firewall is allowing outgoing connections on port 25.

Second, check to see if there is a software firewall or antivirus package on the computer which only allows certain programs to send mail. This sort of software is very useful in case of spam-bot viruses, but can also interfere with programs that should be sending email, such as Robo-FTP.

If it is not a firewall problem, it could be related to using an exchange server instead of an SMTP server for outgoing mail. If you cannot telnet to your mail server on port 25, then this would indicate that your mail server is not allowing SMTP based mailing, which will prevent Robo-FTP from sending mail.

In version 3.3.0 and later, you can specify a SENDMAIL port other than 25, using the /port= option.

In version 3.10.0 and later, the EMAIL command was introduced to replace the SENDMAIL command. All the above information applies equally to the SENDMAIL and EMAIL commands.

Article last updated: 2021-03-15

Tags: E-mail, Robo-FTP, Firewall, Socket Error