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The Configurator is not giving an option to choose to configure settings for Current User or System

Robo-FTP is true multi-user software that takes advantage of Windows' ability to store settings either for a specific user or for all users (system-wide).

In most cases, when a user launches the Configurator, an option is presented to configure settings for Current User or System.

However, in some cases this option is not presented and the Configurator simply opens and the word "Administrator" is displayed in the title bar.

This means that the user you are logged in as has full control of the system-wide configuration without requiring elevation of privileges.

This generally happens when either Robo-FTP has been installed to a non-default directory or the system has non-default permissions set for the C:\Program Files directory. It can also happen when you are logged in to the system as Administrator or your system has UAC disabled.

In this case, any changes will apply to all users system-wide.

Article last updated: 2021-06-18

Tags: Robo-FTP, Configuration