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How to call PowerShell from a Robo-FTP script

You can use the Robo-FTP EXEC command to call out to separate programs, such as PowerShell. You may wish to consult the PowerShell documentation for detailed information about how to run a PowerShell script by running powershell.exe directly. The following page is for Microsoft's PowerShell 5.1 command-line interface:

Consider also the following example:

SET mycmd = 'powershell.exe  -WindowStyle Hidden -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command "& ""C:\path\to\script\thescript.ps1"""'
EXEC mycmd

We suggest you also review the documentation for the Robo-FTP EXEC command for any arguments that may be relevant to how you wish the script to be invoked.

Additionally, be aware that Robo-FTP can also be used from WITHIN a Powershell script. The following Robo-FTP Knowledge Base article provides some information for achieving that:

Article last updated: 2022-01-03

Tags: PowerShell, EXEC, Robo-FTP