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Filename character and size limits

This article applies to Robo-FTP 3.11.x and previous and Robo-FTP Server 3.5.x and previous.

Robo-FTP is a Multibyte application. Windows Multibyte applications are limited to paths no longer than 260 characters.

In practice, this limitation is very rarely an issue. However, it theoretically could be an issue if you are dealing with very long filenames and/or files that are nested very deeply.

For example, the following path would exceed the 260 character limit:


Robo-FTP and Robo-FTP Server do no impose any limitations on what characters can appear in a file or directory name. Any valid Windows file or directory name will work with Robo-FTP and Robo-FTP Server.

Article last updated: 2021-03-19

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