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Robo-FTP has lost configuration information including managed sites

Robo-FTP 3.10 and later stores configuration information, including the serial number, managed sites, etc. in a file called config.xml.

For system-wide settings, this file is stored in C:\Program Files (x86)\Robo-FTP 3.10\ProgramData by default.

If Robo-FTP encounters a situation where it is unable to read the config.xml file, Robo-FTP backs up the config.xml file by appending a number to the filename. It then creates a new, blank config.xml.

This typically happens because config.xml has become corrupted. However, occasionally it happens because there is some temporary problem with the filesystem that prevented Robo-FTP from reading the config.xml at that moment. In this case, you can restore the config.xml by following these steps:

  1. Exit the Configurator and all running instances of Robo-FTP. To be certain, look for any instances of Robo-FTP.exe in the process list in Task Manager.
  2. Delete the new, blank config.xml
  3. Rename the backup (where a number has been added to the filename) to config.xml.
  4. Restart the Configurator. You should now see all your managed sites, etc.

Robo-FTP 3.11 and later includes changes to make this scenario less likely (it can recover automatically in most cases). If you are running any version older than 3.11.0 then you should upgrade to the current version to avoid this issue.

Article last updated: 2021-11-12

Tags: Robo-FTP, Configurator