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Can the CRON conditions be changed while Robo-FTP is running?

Yes and no. You may edit the "crontab.txt" file while Robo-FTP is running and the changes will take affect as soon as you close the file.

However, Robo-FTP only polls the "crontab.txt" file when the CRON command is called. So, if Robo-FTP is currently waiting for the next time interval, it will not check scheduling until that time interval is met.

For example:

Robo-FTP is waiting until 6:00 pm to launch your script. You edit "crontab.txt" so that the launch time for the script is now 4:00 pm. Robo-FTP will still wait until 6:00 to launch the script, but the subsequent run will be scheduled for 4:00 pm the next day.

NOTE: Robo-FTP 3.10 and later includes a new scheduler that does not use the CRON command and crontab.txt files. The older CRON functionality is still maintained for backward compatibility as well as certain use cases that include very sophisticated scheduling requirements. However, for the vast majority of users the new scheduler is easier to manage and offers improved reliability (for example, it automatically handles cases where multiple jobs are scheduled to run at the same time). The new scheduler can be accessed from the Configurator.

Article last updated: 2021-03-12

Tags: CRON, crontab.txt, scheduling, Robo-FTP