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Host refused connection. [1150]

The two most common causes of this error are:

  1. There is not a server running at the address to which you are attempting to connect.
  2. A firewall is rejecting your attempt to connect.

In the first case (no server running at the address) it can mean the server is temporarily down. In this case you may simply need to wait and try again later. It can also mean that you are attempting to connect using the wrong protocol. For example, if the host is running an FTP server but you attempt to connect using SFTP then you might see this error.

In the second case (firewall rejecting connection) it could mean that the firewall needs to be configured to accept connections from your IP address. If you suspect this might be the case, you should contact the system administrator and/or network administrator to request that they add your IP address to the firewall's whitelist.

Article last updated: 2022-01-11

Tags: Robo-FTP