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FTPCD command fails on SFTP connection to Kronos server

The FTPCD command may fail on an SFTP connection to a Kronos server. The error message may look like this:

    *Unable to change directory on FTP site. [1157]


This problem is due to the server's non-standard SFTP implementation but there are two ways to successfully work around the problem using Robo-FTP. One is to use the full remote path with the FTPCD command so instead of this:

    FTPCD "subfldr"

Use this syntax instead:

    FTPCD "/rootfldr/subfldr"

A second workaround option is to install Robo-FTP Version 3.9 or later and use the /allowerrors option on the FTPLOGON command line.

Article last updated: 2021-11-23

Tags: Robo-FTP, FTPCD, 1157