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How does the script writing service work?

The service is billed by the hour at $150/hr with a four hour minimum. Most of the time we can write customer scripts within this minimum period. What we need is a detailed description of what you want the script to do.

For example, we typically need the following information:

  • the URL of the site to connect to along with log in credentials
  • the names of any local or FTP site files and directories we need to know about
  • how you want to schedule the file transfers
  • details on any e-mail notification(s) you want done
  • how you want the script to handle notifications for the administrator

The development time can be reduced if we are able to connect directly with your FTP site by way of the Internet during testing. This is not essential but if such access is not possible, you will be required to test the script(s) and supply us with the necessary feedback to debug it. If your response is not timely, this can add to the time we spend and hence the final cost.

Ideally you should also prepare a flowchart or write some pseudo-code describing exactly the steps you want the script to perform. Once we have this information in hand, we will size the job and get back to you with an estimate for the script writing fee.

If you wish to proceed, someone will contact you by telephone to obtain payment for the script writing service and for the appropriate number of Robo-FTP licenses you wish to purchase.

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Article last updated: 2021-03-30

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