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Robo-FTP is unable to send or receive files when connected to an HTTP or HTTPS server


I can connect to a web server but not transfer files.

Possible cause

You may not have permission to transfer the file.


Enable the Trace Log and retry the transfer. This will not fix the problem but it will record important diagnostic information in the Trace Log.

The Trace Log shows all the requests sent to the server by Robo-FTP and all the responses sent back by the server. If the server's response is 401 Authorization Required then you may be able to resolve the problem by modifying your script to add the /httpauth=auto option to the FTPLOGON command line. If the server's response is 403 Forbidden then that means the server rejected your authorization credentials.

Article last updated: 2021-12-06

Tags: Robo-FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, 401, 403