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The wildcard characters in the RCVFILE command aren't working. What's wrong?

Check to see if the message "Server Type: UNKNOWN_FORMAT" is also appearing in the Robo-FTP script log file. If so, Robo-FTP did not automatically detect the type of FTP server that it connected to. Robo-FTP looks at the format of a directory listing it receives from the site and, occasionally, it comes across a site that it does not recognize. When this happens wildcards will not work in the RCVFILE command.

You can still do basic send and receive file operations in spite of this. However, advanced RCVFILE and SENDFILE options such as /ifnewer and /serverdate will not function; likewise wildcard operations will fail. For more information, see

Article last updated: 2021-11-04

Tags: Wildcard, Robo-FTP, Receiving Files, Server Types