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License Activation FAQ

Q: I want to test changes to my script and/or changes in the latest version of Robo-FTP before making changes to my production system. Can I have a temporary license to do this?

A: The EULA for Robo-FTP requires you to have a license for each machine where you have Robo-FTP installed and activated. Here are your options:

  1. Remove your license from your production machine, activate the test machine, test your changes, remove activation from the test machine, add your changes to your production machine, then re-activate your production machine.
  2. Purchase an additional license so you can have both machines activated at the same time. This is typically the easiest solution.

Q: Why can't I have a test machine activated at the same time as my production machine? Some software I have allows me to do this.

A: It is difficult to provide a pricing model that appeals to everybody. Some software does in fact enable users to install the software on more than one machine without purchasing additional licenses. However, this generally means that the price of the software is raised to offset this fact. We have found that most customers prefer we keep our low pricing and give them the option to buy exactly the licenses they need.

If you need many non-production licenses (dev, testing, QA, staging, disaster recovery, etc.) then please contact sales as discounts may be available depending on the circumstances.

Q: I am using an older, unsupported version of Robo-FTP and need to activate the license again due to hard drive failure, etc. When I try to submit additional information about my request I am referred to a web page that no longer exists.

A: The currently supported web page for submitting a manual activation request is

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Article last updated: 2020-08-21

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