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How do I copy ALL my settings from Robo-FTP to a new machine running Robo-FTP?

These instructions apply to v3.6. The steps may vary for newer or older versions.

Later versions of Robo-FTP include a section in the Help file with specific instructions for moving the software to a new machine. If you are using Robo-FTP 3.7 or later, see the Help file for instructions on moving your settings.

First you will need to decide if you are going to be transferring your existing license or using a new Serial Number in order to have Robo-FTP running on both machines.

If you are going to transfer the license, you can find the instructions at

If you are going to have Robo-FTP running on both machines, you will need to purchase a second license. Once you have done this and received a second Serial Number, install Robo-FTP (Be sure to choose the 'All User Settings' if you plan on running Robo-FTP as a service or sharing your settings with other users) on the new machine and activate it.

Replicate Settings
From the original machine:

  1. Open Robo-FTP and Select 'Export Settings' from the File Menu.
  2. Check 'Export passwords', select a folder to save in, and click 'OK'.
  3. Go to your Robo-FTP home directory and copy/paste the following files to a temporary location. Note, if you do not have all the files listed, they could be in a separate location, or it could mean they do not apply. 'crontab.txt', 'Robo-FTP.pkr', 'Robo-FTP.skr', 'TrustedCerts.db', 'Known SSH Sites folder'

On the New Machine:

  1. Open Robo-FTP and Select 'Import Settings' from the File Menu.
  2. Browse to your previously exported settings file, and click 'OK'
  3. After you have successfully imported your settings, go to the Robo-FTP home directory and paste all files from previous step 3.
  4. Open Robo-FTP Configurator and check to ensure all your saved sites, pgp keys, etc..., have successfully replicated.
  5. Test your scripts!

Article last updated: 2019-10-29

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