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How do I transfer my license to a new machine when the old machine is inaccessible (HD crashed, etc.)?

This article applies to v3.5.0 and later. The steps may vary for older versions, although the concepts will be similar.

You will need to attempt an activation as if you were installing a newly purchased copy of the software. If you are using Robo-FTP, you have internet access, and you are not using a proxy server (or have some other network configuration that prevents you from connecting to our license server), then this means selecting Activate License... from the Help menu, choosing the online activation option, and clicking Activate.

The software will return an error advising that the license with this serial number has already been activated. This is normal. It will then display a form you can use to submit an activation request. Complete and submit this form. Be sure to include details regarding why you are requesting an additional activation for this license. Include a full explanation! If you do not include sufficient details your request will be delayed.

Once your request has been approved you will receive an e-mail advising that you can now activate the software. Most requests are approved within one business day.

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Article last updated: 2020-08-26

Tags: activation, crash, reactivate, reactivation, reinstall

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