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What resources are available to get help with using Robo-FTP?

There are several resources available:

  1. The Help file. The help file installed with the evaluation version of Robo-FTP contains extensive examples for each script command. You can view the online version of the Help file here:

  2. The FAQ ( This has some general purpose questions and answers about the kinds of things you can do with Robo-FTP.

  3. This knowledge base ( This tends to focus more on problems and solutions not covered in the Help file.

  4. The revision history (there are links for the revision history for each product on the download page: You can find a complete list of features added and bugs fixed for each version of the software here.

  5. Tutorials and samples ( This includes examples of several commonly used script techniques.

After purchasing the product, customers have access to technical support. Our support team can assist with installation, registration, deployment, clarifying the included documentation, and trouble-shooting when things do not appear to be working as you expect.

We also offer professional services ( for an hourly rate for customers who want assistance beyond what is covered by technical support. Our professional services team can provide consulting and training to help shorten your learning curve. They can also implement, test, and deploy complete solutions for you based on your requirements.

Article last updated: 2021-03-29

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