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How do I activate my Robo-FTP Server license manually?


If you are using version, you will need to follow the steps in the activation wizard until it asks you to send an email or fax.

If you have received an activation code from us already, you will still need to create this fax or email form; simply discard it afterwards.

If you have not received an activation code yet, simply send us this form, and you will receive an activation code from us.

Follow the wizard through the steps again; this time at the end it will ask you for your activation code. Enter the code to activate the product.

Version 3.1.x

  • go to the main Status tab and click on the Licensing... button
  • select ...activate my Robo-FTP Server license manually
  • select ...submit a manual license activation request

The next couple steps should be intuitive. After sending us your manual activation request, we will respond with a site key. Follow the same steps as before, but select ...enter license activation site key instead of ...submit a manual license activation request. You will then be prompted to enter your serial number and site key.

Version 3.2.x-3.3.x

The process should be similar to 3.1.x, but the activation options are accessed from the Help menu in the Robo-FTP Server Console.

Version 3.4.x and later

See the Help file that is installed with your version of the software for activation instructions.

Article last updated: 2019-11-01

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