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File transfers with the /ifnsamesz option aren't working. Files are sent even if they are the same size.

This is not an inherent problem in Robo-FTP. The size of the file on the local PC is compared to the size of the file on the FTP site after a file transfer. With text or ASCII files and when the FTP server is hosted on a Unix machine, it is possible, even after a successful transfer, that the file sizes will be different.

The reason is that text files have records ending with CR/LF on the PC and only with LF on the FTP site. During a transfer this difference is accounted for (e.g., CRs are inserted or removed depending on the direction of the transfer) so the size of the files will be different.

This is not a problem if you make sure that all transfers are done in binary (not ASCII) mode. In binary mode, files are sent exactly as they are so file sizes will always match.

Article last updated: 2021-03-25

Tags: Sending Files, Robo-FTP, Binary Transfers