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The SENDFILE /ifnewer does not seem to be looking at the time stamp correctly.

This is not necessarily a problem with Robo-FTP. When comparing file dates/times you sometimes have to take into consideration time zones.

Of course, the time on your PC is local time. However, the time on the server (even if it is located next door) is not necessarily local time. Many FTP servers use GMT and expect their clients to do the same. This allows servers to be accessed from around the world without time zone confusion.

In v1.50.4 and later, you can use the /tz option in the SENDFILE and RCVFILE commands to allow for differences in time zones.

In v2.x and later, you also have the option of using the TIMEZONE script command.

If this situation applies, you need to determine the difference in hours between your local time and GMT and specify this difference using the /tz option or the TIMEZONE command.

Article last updated: 2021-03-29

Tags: Sending Files, Robo-FTP Server, Robo-FTP