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Can I extend my 30-day evaluation period for Robo-FTP Client and Robo-FTP Server?

If your 30-day evaluation license has expired but you still need more time to complete your evaluation, then you may request a 30-day evaluation extension.

In Robo-FTP Client, this is done from the License section of the Configurator. In Robo-FTP Server, this is done from the License section of the Robo-FTP Server Console.

Follow the on-screen instructions carefully to submit your request and then enter the site key that is sent to you by email.

NOTE: Evaluation licenses are allowed for the express purpose of pre-sales evaluation of the features of the software. For any other purpose you must purchase a license to use the software. Discounts are available for non-production use of the software (migration, test, development, DR, etc.). Contact Sales for details.

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Article last updated: 2020-12-23

Tags: Evaluation, Robo-FTP, activation, extension, Robo-FTP Server

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