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Online activation in v2.x fails for me. How can I activate my license manually?

NOTE: This article applies to v2.x only.

Here's what you do to manually activate Robo-FTP.

1. go to the Help | Activate License screen in Robo-FTP

2. replace the serial number shown with 022554

3. click Activate

4. the Request 30-Day Eval Extension screen appears (don't worry, full activations are done here too)

5. replace 022554 in the serial number field with your actual 12-digit serial number

6. notice the "Current Site Code"

7. open a Internet browser on the same or different PC and go to this web page:

8. copy the serial number and the current Site Code from the Robo-FTP screen here

9. enter your e-mail address but leave the Removal Code field blank

10. click Submit

11. copy then paste the resulting Site Key back into the "Enter the 30-day site key" field in the Robo-FTP screen

12. click Activate (this results in a full, not 30-day, license)

13. Robo-FTP is now fully activated

Article last updated: 2019-10-29

Tags: activation, Installation, Robo-FTP, Evaluation

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