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I see the following error message: Decrypt - File decrypted. Can't check signature: public key not found. Was the message actually decrypted?

This article applies to Robo-FTP 3.6.x and earlier. The exact error messages may vary for newer versions. For example, in Robo-FTP 3.11.x, the error message is:

The file was signed with an unknown key. [1289]

The file was NOT completely and successfully decrypted because Robo-FTP was unable to verify the signature of the encrypted file. A 'digital signature' is used to verify that the file has not been tampered with since it was encrypted by the originator of the file.

In order to verify the signature on the file, you must import the public key that matches the private key which was used to sign the file. The person that sent you the encrypted file should be able to provide this public key.

Alternatively, you can choose to ignore the signature and just decrypt the file. To do this, use the /signature=ignore option with the PGPDECRYPT command. See the Help file for more details on how to use this command.

Article last updated: 2021-12-06

Tags: PGP Key, PGP, Robo-FTP