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Robo-FTP lost activation for no apparent reason

License information used by Robo-FTP is stored in various locations both in files and in the registry. If any of these files and/or registry entries are corrupted, modified, or deleted then the software will no longer be activated.

There are many possible actions that can cause loss of activation, for example:

  • Reinstallation of Windows
  • Installing Windows updates
  • Restoring a ghosted disk image
  • Running a disk or registry "cleaning" utility
  • Running anti-malware software
  • Hardware failure (disk errors)

If this happens you should follow the instructions in the Help file to submit a new activation request. Follow the onscreen instructions and supply the requested information. Your request will be answered promptly.


Robo-FTP 3.11 and later includes updates that make the activation process more fault-tolerant. This does not guaranty that file and/or registry corruption will not cause a loss of activation, but it does reduce the probability significantly. If you are running an older version of Robo-FTP then the recommended solution is to upgrade to the current version.

Article last updated: 2019-12-04

Tags: activation, Robo-FTP, Installation

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