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I want to duplicate my Robo-FTP PGP environment on a second PC. How is this done?

Versions 1.5 - 3.5
To duplicate the keyring on another PC, it is simply a matter of copying the three GnuPG keyring files from one PC to another. The three files are:


If you move the complete set of files then you do not need to do any importing or exporting of keys assuming that the keyring contains your private key and all of the needed public key(s) to begin with.

Be sure that the path where the files are copied (e.g., C:\Program Files\Robo-FTP) is the same on both PCs.

If you are using a "saved passphrase" then you need to do either of two additional steps:

-- Export your Robo-FTP settings on the original PC (be sure to select "Export PGP Passphrase" if this option appears in your version of Robo-FTP) and then import the settings on the "duplicate" PC.

-- Using the Configure PGP tab in the configurator, select the keyring and save your passphrase on the "duplicate" PC after migrating the three GnuPG files.

-- If you do not already have an existing key ring on the new machine, you will need to "Create an Empty Keyring". You will then need to replace secring.gpg, pubring.gpg, and trustdb.gpg with the three .gpg files from the original PC.

Version 3.6
To duplicate your PGP enviorment on to another PC, all you will need to do is copy two files over to the new machine. The two files are:


-- To export your saved passwords from the original PC, you will need to select the 'Export Settings' from the File menu and check 'Export Passwords'. You will then need to import them on the new machine.

-- You can also manually enter the passwords. Open the Configurator, Configure PGP, Manage Keys, Private Keys, and select the appropriate key. You will then need to choose Edit and input the passwords.

Version 3.7 and newer

All PGP settings, including keys and passphrases, are stored in the Configurator. See the Help file for your version of the software for instructions on how to import/export settings. Look for a section in the Help file titled "Moving to Another Computer" (the title may vary from version to version).

Article last updated: 2021-11-15

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