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Robo-FTP returns: *Connection to FTP site failed. [1152] but Windows command line FTP client connects fine. Why?

If you can connect to a certain server with another client (such as the Windows command line FTP client) but not Robo-FTP, the most likely cause is a difference in configuration.

For example, the Windows command line client uses active mode to connect to an FTP server. It does not support passive (PASV) mode.

If you set up your site parameters in the Robo-FTP site manager, it defaults to choosing passive mode.

If the FTP server to which you are trying to connect does not support passive mode then disabling passive mode for that site in Robo-FTP's site manager may enable you to connect.

NOTE: Settings for Passive Mode / Active Mode apply only to FTP and FTPS connections. SFTP, HTTP, and HTTPS connections do not have settings for Passive Mode / Active Mode.

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Article last updated: 2022-01-05

Tags: passive mode, Robo-FTP