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We are encrypting and sending a DOS text file via FTP to one of our vendors as a test. When they decrypted the PGP file, they called back stating that a blank line appeared after each valid line. Is there an option to suppress this?

Normally when sending a text file from a Windows or DOS machine (where end-of-line characters in text files are CR/LF) to a Unix machine (where the end-of-line character is just LF), FTP clients like Robo-FTP automatically perform a conversion.

On uploads, the CR/LF is changed to just LF. On downloads, the LF are changed to CR/LF.

But when a text file is encrypted (or zipped or anything that no longer makes it recognizable as a text file), this conversion is no longer possible.

So, to answer your question, there is no built in way to avoid this. If your vendor cannot deal with this by removing (or ignoring) the blank lines then you'll have to pre-process the text file on your PC by converting all CR/LF to LF before encrypting it.

Such a conversion would be easily done with a simple program that you or someone writes. This program could then be invoked using the EXEC script command from within Robo-FTP immediately prior to encryption. (There is probably a shareware or freeware program somewhere that does this too.)

Article last updated: 2021-03-18

Tags: PGP, Robo-FTP