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I'm having problems connecting with the DIALNET command.

Setting up Robo-FTP to use Windows Dial-Up Network is tricky. Every version of Windows has to be handled differently.

For all versions of Windows, you must first create a DUN connection and make sure that you can successfully establish the connection from the Windows desktop BEFORE trying the DIALNET command.

Here's what you need to do in Robo-FTP to make a connection using Windows XP:

1. Open the Robo-FTP Configurator and click on the Connection tab.

2. Click the Use Dial-Up Networking button.

3. Find an existing Default Computer Name from the drop down list and select the one you want.

4. Click the Set Default DIALNET Options box.

5. Fill in all three of Phone Number, User Name, Password fields with the same information used when creating the connection in Windows.

6. Click OK to save your selections.

7. In your Robo-FTP script, simply issue the DIALNET command with no options. It will then use the connection and its values that were saved in the Configurator.

Article last updated: 2021-03-29

Tags: Dial-Up, Robo-FTP