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My script does not work as a service, and/or does not create a log file.

This problem can happen when script operations rely on permission to access a local folder or a network share.

File and folder access problems usually cause errors that are reported in the Script Log (although certain problems are always written to the Trace Log.) These problems can be difficult to troubleshoot when Robo-FTP also lacks the necessary permission to create or update the log files.

This problem can usually be resolved by using the Service Installer program to change which Windows Account is used to launch Robo-FTP.

As of version 3.9 and later, Robo-FTP generates debug logs in addition to the Script Log and Trace Log. These debug logs are always generated in a standard location, so they should exist even if your Script Log and Trace Log are not being generated.

If you are unable to resolve the issue, export a debug log and open a ticket with Technical Support.

Please see the Help file for more details on debug logging: Debug Logging.

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Article last updated: 2022-01-03

Tags: Robo-FTP, Services, Network Share