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Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP Server v3.3.0 (Released: 2012-08-21)

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  • Added HTTP DAV support
  • Server event script processing is now asynchronous
  • Server autoconfiguration checks port availability and enables services on all available ports
  • Allow limiting supported encryption ciphers to FIPS 140-2 certified algorithms
  • %event_downloadfilesize and %event_uploadfilesize added to upload and download events
  • Added FileDeleted and FileRenamed events
  • Log files can now be rotated daily instead of at a specified size
  • %event_logonremoteip is now available in all events
  • %event_logonprotocol is now available in all events
  • User accounts can be set up to expire at a specified date
  • Server console now allows disabling FTP protocol commands and removing them from the FEAT response
  • Removed remote server commands
  • %event_filesize and %event_filedatetime for delete, rename, download, and upload events.
  • POST support added for browser based file uploads
  • Added HTML template for custom directory listing pages in HTTP mode
  • Added variables for new local file, folder, and path to rename event.
  • Installing service as a user replaces "." with the NetBIOS machine name (using "." caused broken install)

Bug Fixes

  • Disconnect button disabled on clients online page
  • Disconnecing a user from the UI could cause the server to crash
  • Completing a signing request in Robo-FTP resulted in unusable certificate
  • User accounts and virtual folders could be lost when upgrading from older versions
  • LOG /new could write to the same file as another process if they happened in the same second

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