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Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP Server v3.2.6 (Released: 2012-04-04)

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  • Event script processor upgraded to Robo-FTP 3.8
  • SSL certificates with passwords now supported
  • Event script drop down list displays first event with a script
  • Improved installation process automatically performs common initial setup steps
  • Now easier to refresh the list named "Clients Currently Online"
  • Fixed minor annoyance of inconsistent OKay vs. OK in alert message text
  • List now displays when no Sever Event Scripts are configured
  • Added ability to generate an SSL CSR from the Server Console

Bug Fixes

  • When "DSA only" is selected server was using an RSA key
  • Misleading error message. "RoboFTPServer.exe is not running" in server console
  • Clicking apply on the logging tab resulted in a message box saying you have to apply
  • SSL could not be disabled after it had been enabled
  • Server console's ok to commit now? message box could revert settings instead of saving them
  • Attempting multiple logins on the same connection always tried to log you in to the account name given on the first attempt
  • Administration tab incorrectly appeared to indicate service was running as NetworkService
  • Auto-ban form elements displayed when they should have been hidden
  • Object Error when double-clicking user list but not on a row
  • Settings error messages on SFTP server refer to errors on "FTP" server instead of "SFTP"
  • Server Console could crash while editing "Server Access" list of IP addresses
  • Menu tab validation behavior differs based on next focus element
  • Logging settings not always saved when click OK to save
  • Index Out Of Range error saving Virtual Folder
  • Server Access menu prompts to save changes after clicking Cancel button
  • Rename "Configure Script Settings" button to clarify its purpose
  • Remove useless "Script Options" button on User Settings form
  • Removing keys from client SSH key form leaves empty rows in the dialog box
  • Client SSH key info truncated in Server Console
  • Can't create new user-specific virtual folder
  • Virtual folders displayed twice when user has FTP and SFTP access
  • Creating virtual folder for a single user can accidentally create it for all users
  • SSH public key form displayed unnecessarily when saving user settings
  • Browse buttons should open relevant folder
  • Misleading error message when unable to start SFTP service due to port 22 in use
  • Server SSH Key identify textboxes are empty when first loaded

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