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Change Log

Change Log for Robo-FTP Server v3.2.5 (Released: 2011-07-06)

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  • Automatically ban ip address after too many consecutive failed logins

Bug Fixes

  • State changes no longer show in server log unless log raw client messages is enabled
  • Log rotation and maximum size now work
  • User's SSH client key displayed unnecessarily in console popup
  • Unhelpful error message attempting to start SFTP with no ssh server keys
  • Improper list click behavior in console "Users" sub-menu
  • Users not listed in alphabetical order
  • No warning if "Start SFTP" button clicked but product not licensed
  • File extension filter problem when selecting SSH public keys
  • Show stars in password text box on logon details form
  • Server console crash when creating invalid virtual folder
  • Memory leak in RoboFTPServer service on each logon attempt
  • Active mode data connections did not work with some client firewalls

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